Prepare for Titanfall

Didn't get to play much today because I've been very invested in filling out job applications so that I could feel like a productive person. So after 11 apps (!!!) I ran a few dungeons in FFXIV and hit level 35, then ran straight away to do my next White Mage quest. I got Regen, so here's my face after realizing I get to decide who lives or dies at any time from now on:

While raiding, I met a hilarious Scholar who cracked jokes the entire dungeon. It was a breath of fresh air after the dungeon beforehand, where a Tank and DPS had been bickering the entire time. 

"Don't heal them," he said after I told him that. I laughed and he continued: "no seriously, don't heal anybody who's being toxic, it gets them together real quick. So I guess that's something to keep in mind, haha!

After that, I played some matches of Titanfall 2 with an old friend. It was a blast, and we absolutely wrecked. Here's proof of our exploits (my PSN is LucasSmash):

Better than that was my best kill so far, as posted in the video below:

Bam! And that's that. As I said, I didn't play much of anything today, so this update is gonna be pretty short. Ah! I also played a LOT of Tales of the Abyss, but I don't think I can speak on it much more from this point on because it's so spoiler heavy. If I do, it'll get its own post, so that it can be easily avoided.