Titans and Sand

Got a lot done in FFXIV today! Hit level 34, which means I'm one level away from getting my next White Mage quest. That should be fun. Ran a few dungeons, which you can see in the screenshots of the gallery below. Things were going smoothly until I hit Titan. That guy was a pain in the ass! We wiped 3 times before we got beaten, and I got knocked off the arena 2 of those times...luckily my party was very forgiving, and after some perseverance (and a bit of luck, at least for me) we finally beat it! And then I experienced some crazy story stuff. Excited to see where things go next. I didn't expect to care about these characters as much as I would. Also, the music for the Titan fight was amazing

I progressed a little more through Atelier Sophie, which has been equally enjoyable. It's a nice breather to take in between the intense raids of Final Fantasy XIV. I'm growing to become more and more attached to the characters as I experience more skits with them. Again, the nice, breezy pace of a group of characters that aren't being pressured to save the world is refreshing. Sometimes I just want to watch two characters talk about the differences between the glasses, okay!? Don't judge me. 

In Tales of the Abyss, I grinded out some levels in the desert to make sure I had enough experience, as well as money for new gear. I didn't do much beyond that, so there's not much to speak of on that front. I did get to watch some pretty funny skits, however.

Well, Tear?

Now if only I knew how to cook this thing.