Thoughts on Gravity Rush 2


Phew. Now that that's out of the way, I feel like I should warn you: Gravity Rush is one of my favorite game series of all time. As such, this will essentially be a long gushing post about Gravity Rush 2. If that doesn't make you want to groan, then keep on reading!

The Gravity Rush games follow Kat, a girl that wakes up one day in Hekesville next to her cat, Dusty, with no recollection of she is. She does find out, however, that she has the ability to shift gravity, bending it to allow her to fly through the air and throw different objects. She quickly finds herself embroiled in all sorts of escapades and becomes something of a local superhero, before getting whisked away to a new land, Jirga Para Lhao, in the sequel. 

I would caution players interested in the series by telling them to start with Gravity Rush on the Vita, or its Remastered version on the PS4. Not only will this get you up to speed with the back-half of the sequel, which is filled to the brim with references to the first game's plot, but it will also net you some costumes in the second game that you can only get with a PS4 save of the remastered game. Luckily the game is short, and you'll be brought up to speed in no time. 

That said, where the first game is light on content, you won't have that problem with Gravity Rush 2. The game is huge - the developers of the original definitely took the first game's lightness to heart, because there is an absolute boatload of things to do here. Tons of sidequests with plot to flesh out the world Kat inhabits, even more trials, and an absolutely gigantic world to explore. You also get a camera to use at your leisure - personally, I'm of a mind that every game should have a camera mode. It's tons of fun taking pictures of Kat around town and using the camera forces you to stop and really appreciate the design of all the places you'll visit throughout the game. 

Gravity shifting is just as dizzying this time around as in the first game, but much easier to control. The game soft locks onto the nevi and other enemies you'll be fighting, making it much easier to line up gravity kicks and use your stasis field to throw objects at foes. That said, some combat sections got a bit frustrating, with the final boss being a grueling marathon of hide and seek, praying you don't get killed off by a random attack you couldn't escape from.

That's okay, though, because Gravity Rush is all about the platforming, and I can say with the utmost certainty that Gravity Rush 2 is some of the most fun you'll ever have simply moving through a game. Flying through the air, shifting gravity to twist yourself into a new direction, before hurtling towards the ground and rolling at the last second - there simply isn't an experience quite like it in any other videogame. Marathoning the game as I did, I never once got tired moving through the game, based on the fact that the movement itself is so entertaining.

Part of that has to do with Kat herself. Kat is one of the most lovable characters I've played in a video game, a bundle of upbeat positivity, curiosity, and resolute determination. I am the exact opposite type of person, so I suppose the clash in personality is what makes her so endearing to me. Her eagerness to help the downtrodden of Jirga Para Lhao is infectious - and also causes Gravity Rush 2 to have something to say about the class divide, surprisingly! (That will probably find its way into its own, post, however.)

That eagerness extends into Kat's animations as she shifts as well. Whether she decides to do a few casual rolls in midair or crashes face-first into the ground, her personality shines through every movement and idle animation, breathing more life into a game already filled to the brim with a world that feels lived in. 

I warned you about gushing, and that's what I've done. I love Gravity Rush, and I love Gravity Rush 2. They're a pair of games that will stay with me long after I've platinumed them both, with their entertaining characters, fantastic gameplay, and intriguing story. Though the sequel feels like a conclusion to Kat's story - and a satisfying one at that - a small part of my heart twinges in sadness at the thought that my adventures with Kat and Co. are ending here. It's the kind of game that I'll come back to just to explore, with no goal in mind. That's how great it is. Whatever Team Gravity makes next, you know I'm there.